Captain of the 'Good Ship Tyrwhitt'

Michael Stainer - Cheif Executive Officer

Michael Stanier

Chief Executive Officer

I have been lucky enough to travel the world in my career and I wasn’t looking to come back to live in the UK… however, once I had met CT’s Founder, Nick and some of the people in Team Tyrwhitt, it became inevitable. So here I am proudly leading this remarkable business with absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Let me tell you why.

For most of my career I have been involved in large international businesses; like Marks and Spencer, Timberland, Gap and the Adidas/Reebok group. These have given me a great breadth of experience across different brands, commercial channels and cultures. When I joined CT I was looking for something new, something exciting, where my experience would help others. Somewhere I could continue to learn whilst helping a business to grow.

Charles Tyrwhitt is truly special.

It starts with the Founder who describes the company as his fifth child (secretly we all know it is his first!). He sincerely loves the business and the people who choose to invest their talents here. Both he and I genuinely want CT to be a great place for people to work. There is a spirit at Charles Tyrwhitt which currently far outweighs the scale of the business. This comes from a dedicated community of utterly brilliant Tyrwhitteers who work incredibly hard to achieve fantastic things. Our people are experts in their chosen fields; they believe in CT’s purpose, share values and collaborate to make CT an enjoyable and ethical work place.

If you want to work hard, be recognised for your contribution, have fun, and play a part in growing something uniquely special; please get in touch, we want to hear from you.

Good luck with your application,


Michael Stainer - Cheif Executive Officer