When I joined CT I really had no idea about the company, except the fact that we sold menswear.

Having now been with the company for nearly 3 years, I absolutely love my role as a Customer Service Representative at CT and have nothing but praise for the environment, the work culture and for the amazing people I am surrounded by!

In a typical day I help our customers dress well by helping them with phone and online orders! Our customers are the best and they love us. I’d describe the CT experience and environment as incredibly professional, incredibly fun and at times really quirky.  

If we could get reality TV cameras to follow our Contact Centre teams I believe we would very quickly be recognised as the elite of Contact Centres. The company has grown into a full blown international brand, however, internally it feels as though every day you are working alongside your family members.

I also love the fact that career progression and growth are continuously encouraged internally, with a tremendous amount of learning offered to ensure everyone equal opportunity. One of the core values of the company is “People Matter”  and I experience this at CT each and every day, whether we are engaging as a team or with customers -  there is no mistaking how important that value means to every one of us.